I love exploring a new city and surroundings by putting on my running shoes and going! St. Petersburg, Florida did not disappoint! Julie, Lexi and I went to Florida for the annual IAEDP (International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals) conference this past weekend. The day the sun came out, I anxiously awaited a break time in the schedule for the opportunity to throw on my shoes and explore. I ended my run on the gorgeous St. Pete beach, a long white sandy beach (see picture).

Besides exploring, running also can be a meditative and reflective time where my mind opens up to “bigger picture” things in my life that matter most to me. On this run, I was struck by the sensation of the wind in my back, propelling me forward, helping me with my stride. I felt an intense sense of freedom and gratitude and began to meditate on the people in my life that have been my “wind”, helping me move forward to become more aligned with who I believe I’ve been created to be.

Being in Florida with Julie and Lexi, I was reminded again of my gratitude for these two incredible women. They have certainly been “wind in my sails”. Their encouragement and faith in me as a person, therapist and leader have contributed to grounding me in moments of insecurity, fear, and burden.

Life is not meant to be lived alone. We all struggle, suffer, and fall down. Having people in our lives that not only help us get off the ground, but also place the firm and gentle hand on our backs to help us face our fears to live fully, that is grace.

Who are the people in your life that have been your “wind”, making life just a little bit easier? Who notices you and believes in you?

I feel so grateful for the space to be reminded of this precious gift in my life.

When you (and I) are knocked down in life, I hope that we can pause and create space to be attuned to those around us who are our biggest cheerleaders. 

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