On the eve of our website launch, I am feeling so grateful for our communities that have helped make this dream become a reality. I’ve been reflecting on how one of our major treatment goals is to help our clients gain stronger support with their own communities. Tonight is one of those nights that I’m strongly connected to that goal and its vital importance. Lexi, Julie and I could not be on this journey without the support from our spouses, our families and our friends. We are also thankful for the community of practitioners that we’ve worked alongside for the past eight years. One recurring conversation that Lexi, Julie and I have is how Opal will be inclusive and reaching outwards to the wonderful community of eating disorder professionals. We desire to be generous, pursuing connection and collaboration with those outside the walls of Opal. Lastly, we are so thankful for the gift of our clients, who inspire us daily with their courage to “fight the good fight” towards making peace with food and their bodies. It is these relationships that ultimately have us where we are today!