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Not long ago in Opal’s Re-Thinking Exercise & Sport group, I asked the clients to spend some time reflecting about what “Joyful Movement” means to them. After a brief time of silent writing, clients were invited to share with the group their thoughts. Here is one client’s response to the prompt that left me and the others deeply inspired:

“When I think about joyful movement I think of breaking it down to a bumping beat, tribal dance in faraway lands, soaring through the air on a trapeze, or hallway races with my kids.  I think of moving your body because you can.  Being in the pleasure of what you’re doing and not in the thoughts of how this will change your body, or punishment for food consumed.  I think joyful movement is freedom, expression, adrenaline and passion.  It’s the slip n’ slide on a summer day!  It is something I miss, long for and propels me forward on my recovery journey.”

What does Joyful Movement mean to you?


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