How to Talk to Kids about Body Image

What does it look like to raise children with a healthy relationship to food + body?

If you are a person who has had an eating disorder, works with eating disorders, or knows someone with an eating disorder, chances are you’ve wondered how do I keep my children from the same fate I/they had? How can we prepare them to deal with a society overrun with self-hate, dieting, and fat shaming? How can we create a home where body-positivity flourishes? Children are often described as sponges, soaking up every interaction they observe including those that don’t include them. At Opal, we see this as a great opportunity to instill in children a sense of body-love and respect. 

Recently Opal’s Nutrition Director Julie Church and Clinical Director Kara Bazzi gave a presentation as professionals and mothers on what these conversations and interactions look like. They talk about dos and don’ts, what our culture is telling our children, and if children can eat intuitively. Kara and Julie answer these questions and walk us through their philosophy towards raising families with freedom and attunement with food, body, movement, and health. Watch the video recording and let us know what you think.

If you or someone you know is struggling with their relationship to food or body, please reach out to us. 



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